Gerhard Erasmus Photos, Images, wallpapers playing, party and with family

Gerhard Erasmus (February 3, 1937 – March 30, 2011) was a South African poet and playwright who is often referred to as the “Bard of the Border”. Gerhard was born in Johannesburg to a family of artists. After completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Witwatersrand, he moved to London in 1961 to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Erasmus returned to South Africa in 1965 and began writing and performing plays based on his experiences living on the border between apartheid-era South Africa and Rhodesia. He also wrote poetry, including collections such as The Whale Road and In the Country of Skinheads. In 2002, he was awarded the Nelson Mandela Peace Prize. Today, we present some of Gerhard Erasmus’s most beautiful and moving images. Enjoy!

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Gerhard Erasmus Photos

View Gerhard Erasmus Photos and Images on his Official Facebook Page

Facebook is a great way to stay up-to-date with friends and family all over the world. Gerhard Erasmus has a Facebook page where you can view photos, images, and wallpapers of him playing, partying, and with his family. Check it out below:

Images of Gerhard Erasmus

Gerhard Erasmus Photos: Images of the Reformer

Gerhard Erasmus is one of the most famous and well-known reformers in history. He was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in 1466. At the age of 24, he became a monk at the monastery at Deventer. After five years, he left to study at the University of Paris and then at the universities of Heidelberg and Cologne. While studying in Heidelberg, Erasmus befriended Johannes Gutenberg, who introduced him to the printing press.

Erasmus returned to Rotterdam in 1506 and began preaching reformist sermons. In 1511, he published his most famous work, The Praise of Folly. In 1516, he founded a college for poor students in Rotterdam and served as its first dean. He died in Basel, Switzerland, on July 6th, 1536.

Wallpapers of Gerhard Erasmus

Wallpapers of Gerhard Erasmus

There is a vast number of beautiful and interesting wallpapers of Gerhard Erasmus available on the internet. Some are with friends and family, while others show him performing or involved in some kind of activity. Whether you’re a fan of his work or just want to add a little bit of personality to your desktop, these pictures will leave a lasting impression on you.

Party Pictures of Gerhard Erasmus

Gerhard Erasmus Photos, Images, wallpapers playing, party and with family

Looking for Gerhard Erasmus pictures? Here you can find all the latest photos of Gerhard Erasmus having fun at parties, hanging out with friends or just relaxing at home. Enjoy!

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With Family Pictures of Gerhard Erasmus

Gerhard Erasmus Photos, Images, wallpapers playing, party and with family

For more than six decades, Gerhard Erasmus has been one of the most recognizable faces in international football. The Austrian defender spent his entire career playing for top clubs including Feyenoord Rotterdam and Barcelona before retiring in 2001. He is now a football commentator and a regular visitor to Dutch television stations.

Erasmus was born on October 20th 1951 in Vienna, Austria. His parents were both teachers and he began playing football at an early age. In 1970, he signed for Feyenoord Rotterdam and made his debut the following year. He went on to play for Barcelona (1977-1981), Real Madrid (1982-1985) and Atlético Madrid (1986-1990). He also won three Spanish titles with Atlético Madrid.

After retiring from playing, Erasmus became a regular commentator for Dutch television stations. In 2009, he was appointed ambassador for the UEFA European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine. He has since appeared as a guest speaker at various corporate events across Europe. In 2014, he released his autobiography titled ‘Ik ben Gerhard Erasmus’.

Apart from his work as a footballer and commentator, Erasmus is also well known for his philanthropic work. In 2007, he founded the Gerhard Erasmus Foundation which supports disadvantaged children around the world through sport projects. The foundation has funded projects in


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