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Ravindra Jadeja Cricket Career Overview

Ravindra Jadeja is an Indian professional cricketer who plays for the national team as well as in domestic cricket. He made his debut in international cricket back in 2009 and has since become one of India’s most successful players, having won several awards including the ICC Player of the Year award in 2013. In this article, we will take a look at Ravindra Jadeja’s biography, hobbies, net worth and career highlights.


Ravindra was born on 6 December 1988 to Anirudhsinhji Rajput and Lata Jadeja in Jamnagar district of Gujarat state. His father worked with Air India while his mother was a homemaker. He started playing cricket from childhood itself but it wasn’t until he joined under-19 camps that he began taking it seriously. After completing schooling from NavagamGhed village school near Jamnagar city, he went on to pursue higher studies at MCA college Ahmedabad where he also continued honing his skills by participating regularly in local tournaments like Ranji Trophy matches etc., before finally being selected into Team India’s squad for T20 World Cup 2007 held at South Africa which marked beginning of his illustrious journey towards becoming one of world’s best all rounders today!


Besides cricket, Ravindra enjoys listening music & watching movies during leisure time along with spending quality moments with family members whenever possible; some other activities include swimming & badminton too! Apart from these physical sports activities – reading books (especially autobiographies) is another passion which keeps him busy when not playing any match or practice session related stuffs!

Net Worth

As per reports available online about RavinderaJadejas’ current financial status – total estimated net worth stands somewhere around $2 million US dollars (as 2020). This includes earnings through salary/winnings/endorsements etc.; apart from investments done over years such as real estate properties across various cities within country plus few abroad too!

Cricket Info

Since making debut against Sri Lanka back in 2009 – RavinderaJadeja has gone onto represent Team India more than 200 times both Test & ODI formats combined till date; scoring nearly 5000 runs collectively across two mentioned categories respectively i.e., 4500+ ODIs + 500+ Tests so far!! Alongside batting prowess – bowling capabilities are equally impressive considering how many wickets taken throughout career thus far (more than 300 each format); highest score achieved remains unbeaten century against England way back 2011 followed closely by 99* vs Zimbabwe same year !!


It can be said without doubt that RavinderaJadejawill go down history books among greatest ever all rounder produced by nation due sheer amount success achieved despite coming relatively small town background compared others contemporaries belonging elite backgrounds ! Not only did make mark internationally but domestically too thanks consistent performances every season regardless whether representing franchise side or home state Gujarat . All considered , future looks bright indeed given track record maintained up until now let us hope continues deliver goods upcoming challenges ahead !


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