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Rashid Khan Biography and Cricket Player Information

Rashid Khan is a professional cricketer from Afghanistan who has made waves in the international cricketing world. He first gained recognition for his performances at the Under-19 World Cup, where he was named Man of the Match twice. Since then, Rashid has gone on to become one of the most successful bowlers in T20I history, with an impressive record that includes over 100 wickets taken across all formats. In this article, we will explore Rashid’s biography and provide information about his hobbies, net worth and career as a cricketer.


Born in Nangarhar Province in 1998, Rashid began playing cricket when he was just five years old. After impressing during several local tournaments, he was selected to represent Afghanistan at U-19 level before making his senior debut against Zimbabwe in 2015. Since then he has established himself as one of the best spinners around and currently holds multiple records including being ranked number 1 bowler by ICC rankings for both ODIs & T20Is combined since 2017 till date (as per April 2021).


When not playing cricket or training hard for it, Rashid enjoys spending time outdoors engaging in activities such as hiking and swimming which helps him stay fit physically & mentally apart from helping him relax after long days spent on field/in nets practicing or competing professionally . He also loves watching movies & listening music whenever possible which keeps him entertained while away from home due to frequent tours abroad representing national side .

Net Worth

As of 2021 , according to various sources online , Rashids estimated net worth stands somewhere between $6 million -$7 million USD primarily earned through endorsements deals with brands like PepsiCo India etc along with salary received via contracts signed with franchises participating under IPL tournament each year plus prize money won by performing well internationally .

Cricket Info

In terms of performance stats , some key highlights include taking 5 wicket hauls 7 times out off total 11 occasions achieved so far across different forms of game i e Test matches / ODI’s /T 20 I’s respectively . His bowling average stands at 24+ runs per wicket taken overall which further goes up significantly if you consider only limited overs format games played recently indicating how consistent performer he is even under pressure situations faced regularly while facing top quality batsmen present these days within opposition teams worldwide .


Overall , there can be no doubt that Afghanistani born spinner “Rashid Khan” is indeed amongst finest players ever produced by any country globally considering immense success achieved already despite young age still having many more years left ahead potentially fullfilled with glory provided fitness remains intact throughout duration remaining active competitively !


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