Michael van Lingen Photos

By | October 17, 2022

Michael van Lingen Photos, Images, wallpapers playing, party and with family

Michael van Lingen Photos, Images, wallpapers playing, party and with family. Michael van Lingen is a well-known Dutch photographer who specializes in street photography and candid shots of everyday life. Van Lingen’s photos are often candid shots of people having fun or just being themselves.

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Michael van Lingen Photos

Michael van Lingen Photos, Images, wallpapers playing, party and with family

Some of the best Michael van Lingen photos can be found right here on this blog. Enjoy viewing these amazing images of the Dutch singer and actor. In addition to his stage performances and music videos, you can also find Michael van Lingen pictures in various settings – at home with his loved ones or partying hard with friends. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy a gallery of Michael van Lingen pics that will definitely make your day!

Images of Michael van Lingen

Michael van Lingen is a Dutch singer and songwriter. He is the son of the Dutch singer Corry van Lingen. He has two younger sisters, Loes and Lisa. Michael started his musical career as a teenager in 1998 with the band Wiskey, which he co-founded with Roy Beerenboom and Bram Moolenaar. The group disbanded in 2000. In 2002, Van Lingen released his debut album, released under the name Mike van Lingen. The album was produced by Dave Benton (Bon Jovi) and featured guest appearances from Joe Strummer and Julian Cope. The album achieved modest success in the Netherlands but failed to chart internationally.

Van Lingen’s second album, titled “The Time Has Come”, was released in 2006. The album spawned three singles: “There’s a Place”, “The Way You Are” and “I’m Sorry”. “The Way You Are” became Van Lingen’s first chart-topper in the Netherlands, topping the Dutch Top 40 for eight weeks. The follow-up single, “I’m Sorry”, also topped the Dutch charts but did not achieve similar success outside of the Netherlands. In 2007, Van Lingen collaborated with American rapper Ludacris on the song “Money Maker”. The song reached number one on the Dutch Singles Chart and became Van Lingen’s third chart-topper in the Netherlands.

In 2009, Van Lingen released his fourth studio album

Wallpapers of Michael van Lingen

Michael van Lingen Photos, Images, wallpapers playing, party and with family

Michael van Lingen is an Dutch singer, songwriter and actor. He has released six studio albums and one live album. His most successful singles include “I Belong to You”, “The Way You Are” and “This Is Me”.

Party pictures of Michael van Lingen

Michael van Lingen is a Dutch actor, singer and television personality. He is known for his roles in the soap opera “Oranje Licht” and the comedy series “Beste vrienden”. Van Lingen has also had minor acting roles in film and television. In 2013, he was a contestant on the Dutch reality show “The Voice of Holland”.

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With family pictures of Michael van Lingen

Michael van Lingen [2] or better known as van Lingen is a famous Dutch singer, songwriter and actor. He was born on December 2, 1963 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Michael currently resides in Los Angeles, California where he hosts a lifestyle show called “Life & Style with Michael Van Lingen” which airs on the Style Network.

Van Lingen’s music career started in the late 1980s when he formed the pop group Van Lingen with his younger brother Jelle van Lingen. The group released two albums and several singles before disbanding in 1991. In 2002, van Lingen reunited with his brother to record an album under the name Jelle & Michael. Since then, he has released several solo albums and contributed to various projects including working on tracks for Elvis Presley’s posthumous album “Elvis: The Music of My Life”.

Michael is well-known for his roles in various Dutch movies such as “Best Men” (1991), “Hemelvaart” (1995), “De Oude Man” (1999) and “Nederlandse Boereoorlog 1944-1945” (2007). His most successful movie to date is undoubtedly “The Full Monty” which was released in 1997 and won him a European Film Award for Best Actor.

Besides his acting career, van Lingen is also a popular party host and regularly attends various events around the world such as the Cannes Film Festival and Brit Awards

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