Wriddhiman Saha Cricket Player Information

Wriddhiman Saha is an Indian international cricketer who plays for the national team as a wicket-keeper. He has been part of many successful teams, including winning the 2011 World Cup with India. In this article, we will explore his biography, hobbies, net worth and cricket player information.


Wriddhiman Saha was born on 24 October 1984 in Siliguri, West Bengal to parents Prabir Kumar Saha and Shikha Devi. He attended St Xavier’s School in Kolkata before pursuing higher education at Jadavpur University where he studied physics honors. After graduating from university, he began playing professional cricket for various clubs around India such as East Zone Under-19s (2002–03), Bengal Under-15s (2001/02) and National Cricket Academy U17s (2003).


When not playing cricket or training for it, Wriddhiman enjoys spending time outdoors fishing or camping with friends and family members. He also likes reading books about history or philosophy when he gets some free time away from the game. Apart from these activities, he loves watching movies during his leisure hours too!

Net Worth

As of 2021 Wriddhiman’s estimated net worth stands at $3 million USD which includes all his earnings through endorsements deals & salary income combined together over the years since joining international cricket back in 2010 till date . His major source of wealth comes directly from being a professional cricketer while other sources include brand endorsement deals & private investments made by him throughout career life so far .

Cricket Info

Since making his debut against South Africa in 2010 , Wriddhiman has gone on to play more than 100 matches across formats for Team India . Some notable achievements include scoring two centuries each both Test & ODI format along with taking numerous catches behind stumps that have helped win games singlehandedly . Currently ,he holds record highest score batting down order 7* runs against Sri Lanka test match held 2019 year end apart from several man awards won due outstanding performances consistently over past decade long journey !


In conclusion , Wriddhimam Sahas’ story is one of success despite coming up through humble beginnings . With hard work dedication towards craft plus unwavering commitment towards sport itself – there no doubt why today considered among top notch players world wide even after crossing 10+ years milestone within profession itself !


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